5 Technology Elements To Consider When Buying A Vehicle

Many car companies are committed to technological pursuits. For example, Lexus eventually wants to create artificial intelligence that will help drive your car for you, but it's not quite there yet. In the meantime, you may be wondering which tech features you should get with your vehicle. Here are a few ideas.

Back Up Camera Systems

You can get a backup camera in a used Lexus GS 350 as well as many other new and old models of vehicles from various companies Backup cameras give you technological assistance so that you don't hit anything behind you. They even see things that are normally out of your line of vision like small children running behind your vehicle or bikes left in the driveway. It's more or less like having a person signal you where to go, but it's more precise and always there when you need it.

Navigation That Engages With Your Phone

In the past when you bought a vehicle, you either had to skip navigation, opt for a full scale navigation system with a potential subscription fee, buy an external navigation system, or use your phone. Now, many companies are offering hybrid alternatives.

For example, some navigation systems display turn-by-turn navigation on a display that's built into your dashboard, but the system gets the information from your phone. With a system like that, you just pay your regular monthly costs for your phone and any additional data rates charged by your cell phone provider, and you don't incur any extra fees for your GPS. You also don't have to deal with clunky third-party systems that aren't built into your car. 

Bluetooth Audio Technology

Driving shouldn't be all work and no play. While you are hooking up your phone to do your navigation, you may also want to hook up your phone for entertainment services. Buying a new or used car with Bluetooth compatibility allows you to do that.

Basically, you put your favorite playlist, podcast, audiobook, or other type of media on your phone. Then, you initiate the Bluetooth and the sound streams through the speakers of your car. You get to enjoy the media of your choice, and you don't have to worry about auxiliary cords, subscribing to satellite radio, or other potential annoyances or expenses.

Roadside Assistance and Safety Connect

Regardless of the vehicle you buy, roadside assistance can be invaluable. With many roadside assistance programs, you can call the company's assistance number and get connected to a mechanic who can help with flat tires, towing, or other needs. If preferred, some companies also connect you to the dealer that is closet to you. If your vehicle is under warranty or if you just prefer using the main dealer, that feature can be useful. 

A Driver's App

Smart technology now lets you do everything from adjust your home thermostat to change the temperature of your refrigerator to lower your blinds when you are not home. There's an app for almost everything, and many car companies have jumped on this bandwagon. With most driver apps, you can't remotely control your car yet, but you can watch how-to videos to get to know your vehicle better. You can also track service records, learn about owner's benefits, and more.

That's only a few of the technology options available when you buy a vehicle. To hear about more options and figure out what's right for you, contact a new or used car dealer directly. They can also tell you about other tech features available in the vehicles that you like most. Just keep in mind that the more features you want, the more expensive the car will be.

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