Restoration Headaches: 3 Common Problems With Cars That Were Ahead Of Their Time

When you get ready to restore a car, it may be a classic, but it can also have modern features. Some of the cars that were built in the late '70s and '80s had technology that was less than perfect. With the concern focused on emissions and fuel efficiency, some cars had fuel systems that were plagued with problems. The early fuel injection systems also had problems. Here are some of the problems that you may have with a restoration project that was ahead of its time when the car was built:

1. Early Emissions Systems That Caused Performance Problems

In the 1970s, the auto industry was beginning to manufacture cars that met new fuel standards and had better gas mileage ratings. The cars had early emissions controls installed on them, which would often affect the cars performance. One good example of this is the Chrysler Newport, which was a giant sedan with a big V8 engine and some of the earliest emissions controls and fuel systems to reduce consumption. If you are restoring one of these cars, it is best to remove these outdated parts and replace them with modern aftermarket parts that perform better.

2. The Failures of Some of The Earliest Fuel Injection Systems

The earliest fuel injection systems may also cause problems with your restoration project. To solve the problem, take the car into an auto repair service and have them install modern injectors and controls that will improve performance and give your car a power boost. In addition, old carburetors can be replaced with modern fuel injection if your project is more customization than original restoration. These improvements can help solve the problem with fuel and air mixture.

3. Steering, Traction and Suspension That Was Ahead Of Its Time

There are also some cars like the Honda Prelude, which had suspension designs that were advanced. The Prelude had an all-wheel steering system that made it handle great. These systems have components that wear and need to be replaced overtime. If your restoration project has special suspension components, make sure that they get regular maintenance to ensure your car handles as it should.

These are some of the problems that you may have with a car that was ahead of its time when it was built. Contact a used car dealer to find one of these cars for your restoration projects and update them with modern technology.  

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