Features To Look For In Your New Work Truck

No contractor uses their work truck in exactly the same way as any other contractor, so work trucks come in a wide variety of styles with different features. No matter your specific job title or the scope of your business, you need to make sure you pay attention to the features a work truck comes with before you buy it. If you have never bought a work truck, read this article to learn about a few of the most important features that almost any work truck should come with. 

Built-In Tool Storage

Although you can purchase custom-made tool storage compartments for your work truck, most work trucks come with some kind of locking tool storage. Whether this looks like a large toolbox that sits right behind the cab or built-in storage boxes alongside the truck bed, tool storage helps contractors keep their tools safe, organized, and accessible. When choosing a work truck with built-in tool storage, assess the number of tools you currently have and expect to purchase over the next few years. Make sure your work truck has enough storage space to cover those needs with some room left over for unexpected purchases.

Long Item Racks

Many contractors need to bring long, unwieldy building materials or supplies to their job sites. Take into account the length of the lumber or pipes you typically use and the size of your ladder when determining the size of the racks you need. On some work trucks, these racks are exposed to the elements. On other work trucks, the racks are covered by truck caps or other enclosures. Although having exposed racks can lead to problems on rainy days, those racks allow contractors to transport extra-long items by using the space over the cab as well as the racks themselves. The typical weather in your area and the length of your typical supplies should guide you as you choose a work truck with racks.

Lighting Features

A good lighting kit is essential on any work truck. Whether you're working early in the morning or late into the night, you can't always count on the sun to light your work. Your work truck lights should help you see your truck from a distance, warn others of your work truck moving through a job site, and light your tools in their storage compartments. Work trucks can be retrofitted with new lights fairly easily, so a work truck with insufficient lighting isn't necessarily a dealbreaker. Just factor the cost of the required upgrades into your budget when you purchase your work truck.

To learn more about work trucks, contact commercial vehicle dealers in your area.  

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