5 Great Cool Car Tech Features

When it comes to new cars, there are always lots of tech features to consider. Some of these tech features are cooler than other tech features. Here are five tech features that are worth paying for in your new vehicle.

#1: Remote Start

Being able to start your vehicle remotely is such a nice feature. You can get your vehicle warmed up in the winter without having to subject yourself to cold temperatures, or you can get your vehicle cooled off in the summer.

There are multiple ways to start your vehicle now remotely. You can use a key fob with a remote start button. Or you can use an app that allows you to start your vehicle remotely. Apps that allow you to start your vehicle remotely allow you to turn on other systems in your vehicle as well.

#2: Dual-Clutch Transmission

Manual transmissions, and the fun that comes with driving a manual, has faded away in favor of automatic transmissions. With a dual-clutch transmission, you get the best of both types of transmission.

You can easily click and shift your transmission without having to press in the clutch. A dual-clutch transmission is the natural evolution of a manual transmission with the efficiency of an automatic transmission. You will get to enjoy the feeling of shifting seamlessly. 

#3: High-End Stereos

When you are putting down tens of thousands of dollars for a new vehicle, you don't want to have a bad stereo system. Many newer cars are now coming with high-end stereo systems to start with, so you can rock out to your music without having to worry about upgrading the stereo system. 

#4: Bluetooth Connectivity

Every modern car should have Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to stream your music in your vehicle. You can also wirelessly answer your phone calls. You can access your phone easier with Bluetooth connectivity.

#5: Multiple Cameras

Finally, look for a new vehicle with multiple cameras. A back-up camera is great, but multiple cameras combined to help you with backing up and with parking are even better. You can't see everything all at once, but you will have more visibility with a parking camera.

When it comes to buying a new car, look for one with a remote start, Bluetooth connectivity, multiple cameras, a high-end stereo system, and a dual-clutch transmission if you want fun and functional tech features. Contact a local dealership to learn more.

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