5 Tech Features For Your Next Vehicle

There are many ways technology can be used to make your vehicle safer and more enjoyable to use. That is why it is essential to be aware of the changing tech features your new vehicle can come with.

Tech Feature #1: Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is coming to more phones and devices every year. Wireless charging saves you from having to carry around lots of charging cables with you. Instead, you can just place your device on a wireless charging area in your vehicle, and it will charge. Newer vehicles are equipped with their own wireless charging stations, making it even easier to charge your devices.

Tech Feature #2: Buckle Safety Sensors

A buckle safety feature will not allow you to take your transmission and shift it out of park until the driver's seat belt is engaged. This feature is even better than a warning light that your seat belt isn't on, as you literally can't drive your vehicle until you get your seat belt on. Your seat belt is one of the best safety features your vehicle comes with; this sensor will make sure you have your seatbelt on before you start driving.

Tech Feature #3: Advanced Bluetooth Smartphone Connections

With an advanced smartphone Bluetooth connection, you will be able to wireless answer calls. You can also hook your phone up to your infotainment screen on the dashboard and use the apps on your phone on the infotainment screen in your car. This is a must-have feature in a new car, as it allows you to safely access your phone in your vehicle.

Tech Feature #4: Remote Engine Starting

Being able to start your vehicle remotely can be really nice. It can allow you to ensure your vehicle is at the right temperature when you get into it. Look for a remote engine start system that goes beyond pressing a button on your keychain; look for one with an app that will allow you to turn on your vehicle and control the heating and cooling system as well.

Tech Feature #5: Climate Controlled Seats

When you get into your car, you want your seat to feel just right. With a climate-controlled seat, you can heat up and cool down your seats to keep your seat perfectly comfortable.

When looking for a new vehicle, pay attention to the little tech features that will enhance your comfort and usability, such as wireless charging, remote engine starting an app, climate-controlled seats, buckle safety sensors, and advanced Bluetooth smartphone connection.

For more information about new 2021 cars, contact a local dealership.

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